The Film

Evo is the effort of a group of artists, to contribute to the entertainment industry, by bringing our own stories.

Bringing original ideas together. Working out the design and looks. In a short film that entertains.

EVO is a film about a great discovery, with a futuristic style. With a lot of advanced gadgets and other sort of toys.

The Story

EVO is a science fiction animated short film with action, adventure and mystery.

A strange character will accidentally find a mysterious ark safely kept during centuries.

We will discover a Lost Legacy and we will be amaze with their advance technology.

We will find his destiny along with the destiny of that civilization.




The Art

One important feature of EVO is its look and style. Every detail of the film has being carefully thought out.

Offering a strong atmosphere and sensation of a feature film.

The variety of Gadgets and props that we will find during the length of the film, is wide as well as machinery, sets and locations.


Making Of


Created by
Adolfo Aliaga  / Jordi Alonso / Joan Gomar

Music by
Manel Gil-Inglada

Score Mixer
Mikel F. Krutzaga

Ferran Cruixent

Sound Designer
Hector Mallen

Sound Mixer
Marc Orts

Art Director / Concept Design
Adolfo Aliaga

Adolfo Aliaga / Jordi Alonso / Joan Gomar

Adolfo Aliaga
Jordi Alonso

Enviroment Design
Zakhia Dakkash

Adolfo Aliaga  / Antonio Alvarez / Guillermo Avila

Juan de Dios Molina

Ruben Soler
Jesus Doblas

Compositing Advisor
Santi Sapone

Publicity & Promotion
Víctor Sahun

Animation: Jose Moralo, David Vera, Chelo Andreu, Alex Puig.
Modeling: Eduardo Oliden, Laia Bachero , David Vera
FX: Santi Bono

Special Thanks

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Mecenas / Contributors


Álvaro Galera

Antonio Cebrian

Carlos Soto

Claudi Mas

Encarna Linares

Gonzalo Javier Chapero

José Barberà

Juli Farfan de los Godos

Mª Elvira Garcia

Miguel Pablo Garre

Montserrat Benito-Segura

Raúl García

Xavier Baulies


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